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Teachers’ café at the conference

Yesterday there was a great session where participants could share their views on different teaching/mentoring situations. They also had the chance to share their own stories about what kind of challenges they are facing at the moment. Here is one such story. We would like to invite you to share your thoughts with us here, by commenting on this post. “Teaching Roma students English as a third language in primary school in Croatia was a great experience! I still do it, but not for the experience’s sake but for pleasure. Why ? – one would ask. Well, I like myself doing it – bringing the new worlds into the classroom and then learning about theirs. Sharing with them my good days and my better days. It’s difficult but it’s challenging. And that’s what matters!”

At this point in your career, what particular challenges are you ready to face as part of teaching because you would like to make a difference or need to be moving out of your comfort zone?